Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Technical & Scientific

MetaMetrics provides technical assistance in five main areas of service: Planning and Implementation; Evaluation; Information Systems; Training; and Public Information. Using core methodologies developed during more than 20 years of business practice, we effectively deliver technical assistance in each of these areas.

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Areas of Service

Project Planning and Implementation

Project implementation ranges from discrete, small-scale tasks (fielding a technical assistance team for a feasibility study) to comprehensive, large-scale efforts (designing and carrying out a regional, multi-year project).

Project planning and implementation is a comprehensive service that often includes some or all of the services MetaMetrics provides. Methodologies include strong staff recruitment and team building methods; work plan development; project direction, backstopping, procurement, and administration; public information programming; delivery of trainings, conferences, and workshops; and developing and managing information and evaluation systems.

Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, and Cost Analyses

MetaMetrics emphasizes evaluation and analysis as the prime methodologies for helping clients make decisions and solve problems. MetaMetrics is currently at the leading edge of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation methodology development.

Information Systems Development

Good project management requires good information systems. MetaMetrics builds management information system (MIS) components into projects for our clients whenever possible. We develop practical information systems for real-life use, including simple paper systems, complex ADP applications, LAN and WAN networking systems, and Intranet and Internet systems.

Training and Conferences

MetaMetrics designs training components for projects and conducts conferences, workshops, and training services to support specific project objectives. We also conduct evaluations of training programs.

Public Information

In collaboration with The Rendon Group, an international PR firm, MetaMetrics is expanding to deliver public information (publicity and media) services to support new programs in developing countries.